Are you addicted to Sugar? Some tips will help you to become aware of that.

Is Coca-Cola one of your favorite drinks? Do you feel that some days your desire is diving into a bathtub full of chocolate? Have you ever had the feeling that you will survive only if you eat that piece of cake waiting for you inside your fridge?
I’ve been there and that sensations are so hard to resist.

I was chatting with one my friend last night, lovely person, and he sent me this picture of some HEALTHY foods he bought for his beloved cats. My eyes in the middle of all the grocery products spotted a bottle of Coca-Cola. The first thing I asked him was: “Why are you buying healthy food for your cats while you instead drink Coca-Cola.”
He said straight to me that he loves sugar and he is addicted at this point to it.
The only reason I would buy Coca-Cola is if my toilette is clogged, but I would eventually be worried to spread that to the environment lol

But what if I tell you that you can control your cravings for sugar?

Our brain is a brilliant machine, and he picks up things very quickly. When we start to eat sugar, our mind will recognize it as a reward, which will make him want more and more until that will become a habit. Very simple as it is.

Today I want to share with you some solutions to sugar cravings.

Habits are associated with emotions. I remember my self-more than ten years ago when I was going through a tough period of my life, and not taking care of my personal needs much. Eating crappy food was convenient and rewarding at that time. I had a little hope deep inside that one day when waking up magically everything will have disappeared and I would have changed my path for good. But guess what? It didn’t happen that way.

My turning point.

That was the moment I realized that I didn’t have a magic wound to wave when I needed to change something. It was also the moment when I realized the most important thing. I could do magic, and I could change things myself! When you want something different, you and only you can make these changes. Sometimes we need some help, but even this realization it’s up to us. We can create the possibility to have the help and the support while we make thing different.

How those sugar cravings work.

When we eat fibers especially the soluble one and proteins, we can slow down the sugar absorption. When those nutrients are not present in our daily diet, our blood sugar spikes like to the top of a roller coaster.

Insulin, a hormone that the pancreas releases, will allow our body to use the sugar we introduce into our body and transform that into energy. When we overeat sugar though, especially the one that is not coming from natural foods and our system doesn’t necessarily need, we will start to store fat. Sugar can be everywhere, not just in sweet things or deserts, but also in all the processed food. It is unfortunately easy to end up in this non-sense circle called sugar cravings for the rest of our life. It is a dangerous cycle and if we are not able to stop it, will lead us to severe situations and illnesses. One on top of everything is the DIABETES.

The habit of eating sugar that we don’t need will place ourselves in danger.

When we start to store a lot of fat that we don’t use what happens is that our body will be no ability to release it because the sugar is blocking the Glucagon hormone which is a critical component of our fat-burning process and its purpose is the exact opposite of the insulin.
Another related problem to consider as we are in constant roller coaster will be the mood swing. We will suddenly change our feelings, and we’ll become unhappy, nervous, maybe starting arguing with everyone while our mood is all over the place.
Sometimes it’s easier to reach for comforting food than deal with problems or challenges in life, but what if I tell you that some strategies will help you?
Cravings are messengers trying to communicate something to us.
I learned my self to see things from different perspective, and in this specific case when sugar cravings are there annoying you, try to open up to new possibilities.

The Nourishment Menu

There is one Menu which is not made of edible things, which you can consider instead of going straight to your fridge or pantry. It is called The Nourishment Menu

This Menu has been created so you can choose from many options that will help you to stay away from food.
Basically when we go to comfort food is because we are stressed, tired, bored, unhappy, maybe anxious. So instead of eating why don’t we do something that will help us to feel better and keep us healthy.
We will give ourselves permission to enjoy something different.

Here some ideas I have for your that can apply to your Nourishment Menu

• Have a message that will help you relax

• Make a cup of your favorite herbal tea

• A nice bath or shower with some scented essential oils

• Go to a painting class or do an activity that you enjoy

• Have a nice long walk or take your bike for a ride and breath some fresh air

• Go to a Yoga or Meditation Class

• Go to a Dance group class!

• Make Green drink

• Book a Facial – Manicure – Pedicure

• Go to buy some colorful Flowers and bring it into your home

• Book a House cleaner who will refresh and clean your place instead for once you do it

• Have a Deep Conversation with a friend or someone you want to talk with

• Listen to some music that you like and create some relax atmosphere with some beautiful candles

• Read that book that you wanted to read for a long time

These are just some suggestions that are in my Nourishment Menu, and I love those!

There are also other things you can do to Kick your Sugar Cravings

These seven tips will also help you

• Check your bevies! It’s important to drink plenty of fresh water during the day, and it will help you to balance the sugar in your bloodstream.

• Satisfy your sweet tooth with sweet veggies, fruit snacks

• Sleep more and listen more to your body messages

• Check your protein and make sure you eat enough of those daily

• Sniff out low-fat and fat-free foods

• Move yo’self

• Have a New post-meal ritual: don’t necessarily finish your meal with a dessert or something sweet. Consider one of the activities in the Nourishment Menu.

Those are useful tips that you may want to try. Information alone sometimes may work, but if you have difficulties or you are not 100% committed to a change may not be not enough. Transformation occurs with constant actions, and it is great to ask for help when we can’t do it alone. A little support while we grow and change.
I have Mentors and people who support me continuously. That has always been fundamental to my personal growth, and it will still be.

Find what is your best support and don’t be frustrated or afraid to ask. Nobody is perfect and start to see your weaknesses as your point of strength. Changes require patient and time, but a small step each day create long paths.

With Love

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