Dieting Revelations – Uncountable diets are out there. How to find the perfect for you.

What diet means to me.
D – Do
I – I need to
E- Eat
T-Today ?

Living every day with this massive feeling of being hungry but also feeling guilty is not so great right?

How many times have we tried diets?

All of us at some point in life said: “Monday I’m going to start my diet!”. But how many times did we complete a diet with surprising results? Being committed to eating well and exercise seems simple to think, but not so easy to do it. It is hard. No one likes to be in any restriction, or be forced to do something. By nature, we are creatures of habits!

The brutal truth is that most of the diets out there don’t work. Wouldn’t instead be unusual to find a solution that works well for us, and doesn’t feel like such a painful obligation?
Statistics are simple. 95% of dieters can’t keep the weight off, and when they gain it back they often gain MORE than they weighed before.

Dieting based on researchers and studies can backfire your metabolism and mess up with it in a very harsh way.
Everyone deserves to feel good, drops few pounds when necessary, wear the beautiful clothes we want to, feeling fabulous and confident in our skin.

If diets don’t work, what does?

There are few effective ways to consider when we want to change our lifestyle and especially the way we eat.

So here ten important paradigms I’d like to share with you that work well when it comes to dieting.

1- There are as many “right” diets as there are people on the planet!

2- What’s healthy for one person might not be healthy for you.

3- Our body has innate wisdom beyond any book or authority.

4- Diets are useful as a reference, but they are not dogma.

5- Our body-system is the ultimate dietary authority during every phase of our life.

6- You change your diet as YOU change.

7- A general diet can’t work for every person, because we are all different.

8- Your relationship with food and your body impacts your health more than the food you eat.

9- Symptoms, cravings, and behaviors are not a problem, in fact, they are messengers here to help us find the right solution.

10- Nourishment is much more than just food.

What if I’m saying that YOU and only you have more control of your weight than a diet does. Bring awareness into this, and start to look at things differently. Embrace this amazing concept, feel empowered by the fact that you CAN change the way you feel, and not be stressed and terrified about it.

What do we do now?

Start to look at food as your friend, not as your enemy. Accept the feelings and messages your body is communicating to you with compassion and love. Say goodbye to those feelings and thank them for showing you the possibilities you can create. It’s time for YOU feelings to be free, I don’t longer need you!
You have the chance to put YOU at the center of your life. That’s empowering!

If you are tired of the false promises of the latest diet trends and tired of following health and wellness fads that don’t suit you, then you have to know you have a choice. Reach out to a professional person that can help you go where you need to. Dive deeper into revelation and what it means to be living in YOUR body.
Imagine walking away with a feeling of being empowered to choose the way forward for you that feels right in your whole body.

Strengthen your relationship with the one person that matters most in your life, YOU!

In Good Health


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