My Experience during a 3-Day Juice Cleanse

The Juice Cleanse Idea crossed your mind at least once? Here I intend to give you a whole idea about it.
If your intention, while you are doing a Juice Cleanse, is detox, you are in the right place. A juice fast mainly is drinking the juice from veggies and fruit while you process these goodies in the cold pressed juicer.

Here is what I have and it is excellent:

Why you decide to Juice Cleanse

People who choose to do a Juice Cleanse know what to expect and why they are doing it. Primarily for two reasons: losing weight and detoxify their body. Along with so many other benefits that I will list here below.

I have mentioned in another article what happens when you juice the fruit and veggies in term of fibers and nutrients, and you can check it here:

Juicing has a lot of Health benefits.

This is my personal experience that I’m writing, and for everybody can be different, keep that in mind. My weight when I started my cleanse was almost 106 lb and during my three days cleanse I went down 100 pounds. I didn’t do it to lose weight, so to me, three days resulted in being more than fine.
The reason I do the Juice Cleanse is to give my body a hand to detox. Bodies are very good to detox themselves, but sometimes because we live in polluted environments or because we don’t eat clean every day, we take medicines, drink alcohol etc, our systems need some help.

The Health Benefits of a Juice Cleanse are many and very important. Besides the elimination of toxins and waste, you will see your skin clears up, and your mood will be much better especially when you are a moody person, you’ll boost your immune system, your energies will increase as your metabolism, you will improve your digestive health overall and your functionality. You will detox your liver and cleanse your intestine. Of course, as I mentioned above if your primary goal is to drop few pounds or more, you will for sure.

Be prepared

Please be aware that you have to be prepared physically and mentally. Do a proper grocery and have the right mix of fruits and veggies. In this case, you can make a variety of juices all day long.
There are many websites out there that can help you to boost your creativity while juicing, giving you a lot of fresh and delicious recipes.

Here some inspiration for your ideas:

Another essential thing to consider when you juice is that you are already overall healthy. If you are not or you have some conditions or concern, please be careful and talk to someone who can help you with that.
Look for a recommendation, talk to a Health Coach, a Wellness Coach, a practitioner who can explain to you what is the best way to approach this cleanse.

Always listen to your body.

Listening to what your body has to say is my advice. Your body is the ultimate system you want to trust. If it tells you all is right go for it but if you recall that something is weird or not the way it should be, take a step back and do what is best for yourself. We are not in a competition, and we are not here to prove anything. We are doing the best we can to feel good every day. There are already too many heroes out there!

Drinking a lot of water while you are in Juice Cleanse is another essential thing to do. You’ll keep yourself hydrated, and you will flush the waste out as well.

A little research

According to researches and studies, three days of cleansing are already good especially for women, and because every person reacts differently, I will once again to suggest you listen to your inner gut.
In my case, I could tell that three days were perfect. In this very moment of my life, I was happy with what I did. We continuously change and evolve, so this is the time where you are living, maybe another time you will do more.

When you finish the cleanse

When I ended my fasting, I was excited to go back to my routine of meals and preparation. But don’t rush things out. Take it easy, your stomach and digestive track need time to adjust. Never binge after a cleanse especially after this where you had liquid stuff. Your body is a delicate machine but very intelligent and if you use it in the wrong way you mess things up. So be gentle and mindful, choose light food to eat for the first few days. I would suggest you stay without heavy meals or processed food which is never good for you anyway. Try to avoid dairy products and meat.

After the first few days where my body was re-adjusting to solid food, and I was taking it easy, I felt awesome! My mind was clear, and my energies were up to the sky. Especially here in Miami where the summers are brutal, I was looking to have the maximum level of power to live this intense period of the year better.

Here is my personal experience with my body, my weight, my energies.
If you are excited to try it and you have set the intentions to, go forward with this unique experience. I think you are ready to commit. Please do your researches and talk to someone expert if you have doubts or concerns. It can be not an easy thing, and sometimes it can be not comfortable at all, so take all the precaution to do it in a maximum level of safety.

In Good Health

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