Discover Your Inner Self. Become a New You. When was the last time you slowed down?

I love writing my weekly blog, and I missed it while on standby during my month in Italy.

Even if I didn’t write, I collected pictures, sensations, emotions about this fantastic time there.

It’s inspirational traveling around.

Looking at fabulous places while having a chance to think about your life, your journey, why you are here, and what you can share with others it’s a great opportunity.
In my last trip I touched base Sardinia and Liguria, and my eyes got to see beautiful landscaping. I tasted delicious local products while enjoying the peace of some of the gorgeous places in the world. Starting from Levanto, visiting Cinque Terre, passing by Portofino, Sanremo, Bordighera, and Montecarlo. Then flew to Arbatax in Sardinia and finally spent sometimes in Villasimius.

Traveling is one of the best experience we can have.

I used to run all the time, thinking that if I stopped, I would have slowed down, and that was a negative thing to me especially for my business. Eventually, I’ve learned that slowing down is not always wrong. I got to realize one crucial point. Slowing down gave me the change of finding a better balance in my life.

Create more space for yourself.

The opportunity to go somewhere or take it easy gives you the addition to create more space for yourself. You can find time to enjoy simple things like a walk on the beach, for instance, a dinner with family and friends, a glimpse at sunset, going for a bike ride, talking to someone.
It’s not selfish. It’s creating the possibility to say yes to our needs and ourselves.

Realization is an inspiration.

These concepts I’m writing today are dedicated mainly to all the people that forget to breathe during their days and become crazy working no stop.
Prioritizing things throughout our routine is such a fundamental step to learn. When we begin to do so, we may realize that our businesses, our lives, our relationships and many other things in our existence turn to work better, and we get the sense to become more and more stable.

Finding a spiritual practice during our routine is essential.

I discover many additions to my routine that gave me the opportunity to evolve and develop myself. Reading, meditation, having a Reiki session, studying new things related to my job, and overall my Yoga practice which has become a fundamental spiritual habit for me.
Been connected with our inner intelligence will give us the opportunity to create stability and awareness. It will provide the experience of appreciation and the understanding that we all must remember to live our daily routine better and find peace in our life.

Becoming aligned with our inner truth and our desires are necessary steps.

It may be that not everybody is ready to take these steps. It takes time and preparation to realize how important is, but once you get, it is magical.

I’m inspired every day to create projects. Helping people who need guidance is what I fell to do, so I can share with them what have brings me here today. It’s not a school, and I’m not a teacher, I’m a friend who has been through a hard time and learned from that. We never stop growing and improving, we are evolution and movement.

My travels and my everyday life are opportunities where I can study, be inspired and work hard to become better and better every day of my life.

Don’t miss the chance.

Learn how to improve your lifestyle and have the life you crave. Don’t let yourself live through the masses, but find your way to live the journey you desire to experience.

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