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September 10, 2018, Author: annalisa

September has come with all its freshness and positive energy.

After the Summer Time where we may have a chance to stretch a little bit and relax in some occasion, the business year has knocked at our doors.

I have decided to pause my blog for a little while since I have collected a lot of impressions and opinions, and I need to put my focus on something else for the moment.
In these beautiful months ahead I must take a step back from my writing ritual and focus more on some changes that I need to make in my life.

I will work on new programs and courses for my online business. I will practice my Iyengar Yoga Training which by now is an essential component of my life and part of further projects as well, and of course, I will continue my Coaching practice to serve others. I will share everything with you. Promise!

I’m working with a team of great Professionals, my Designer who is already doing a fantastic job to rebrand my logo and image, a business coach who will help with the structure and the preparation of the online courses, and of course my Yoga mentors who are always there for me to track my progress.

In the meantime, I’ll continue sending out emails with exciting content to keep in touch with you all and give you some wellness and lifestyle tips 😉

I’m thrilled to see what it will be.

I have exciting plans and ideas to move forward with my passion that is, in fact, my business today.

As a spiritual character as I like to describe myself, (looking back I never thought I would have used this word, and who knows me well will probably laugh at this) I have the necessity to connect to nature, places, cities, animals, colors, be with people who are spiritual as I am and feel good in my skin.

My present moment.

Living in Miami is giving me the opportunity to explore this connection with my self even more in a profound way. As I like to describe this city is an “in-and-out” place where it can be tough to make connections and have that sense of friendship and community. I’m lucky enough to have encountered few now close friends with whom I can share thoughts like these without having the feeling of being that “fish out of the water.” It took me time!

Here is my opportunity.

During my discovery journey, I had many moments of crisis, disappointment, fears, expectations, where I could experience a sense of loneliness and seclusion. It has been painful. It’s that introspective analysis-time when you realize new things.
It’s the time when painfully you continue to grow. Imagine a little seed implanted in the hard soil. When it’s time to come out, it has to break that soil and transform in the solid root that will make it stable for the future ahead.

How many of us have experienced this and probably many times in life?

We can live in our physical body, we can find steadiness, but we also will have wobbly moments. Take those shaky moments and see those as learning opportunities. Life’s an experience itself every day.

This September has brought me a breath of freshness. I had the chance to understand my need to change something to grow more.
Working with my exceptional team of coaches and mentors is also part of my map for my transformation. They are making me doing inspiring things through which I’m learning further information about me. I’m sculpting more in detailed my needs. I’m discovering beautiful elements throw personality tests and colors palettes which are a fundamental concept to me as a creative person. Colors are everywhere. Think about our home, nature, the foods we eat, the places and cities were we live. Colors are a huge part of my expressions while I work and are constant elements of my routine.

I’m so excited to see what this near future holds for me.

I’m continuously working on new projects to implement my website, my business, my life, and the greatest gift for me is that I have to share everything with you.

I also realized one more thing. I couldn’t do all alone. I let my thoughts go, and hold my hands forward so that someone could take them and help me.
If you feel you are doing all alone and you can’t anymore think that you have a choice as well to reach to someone that can help you.

When I started my coaching business and training, I was moved by my passion for helping other people. I wanted to help them improve their Lifestyle while reaching their dreams.
As a Coach myself, I can now tell you that my greatest choice was to have Coaches and Mentors my self. I still have them. They complete my whole, and they help me with my projects and goals.

Sometimes what we need is to step back, and create more time for ourselves while been transported in new adventures.

Dedicate meaningful moments to your routine and discover the pleasure of growing.

Finding a Spiritual practice or projects that suit you will help you to connect with your inner truth. Your openness will serve you as an inspiration to create something that aligned your desires and your passions.

If you are looking for something more significant or something new, click on the link here and explore with me how I can help you to be inspired to change.

Never be afraid to ask, is the first step that will conduct you to magical experiences.

Cheers to a Good Life!

PS: This business year ahead is going to be a significant period of my life and my personal growth. I can’t wait to share more things with you. In the meantime stay tuned and follow me on my social networks 😉

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