Have you heard of Mercury Retrograding?

Today I want to share with you how to “survive” during these periods of the year.

Mercury retrograding is for me a fascinating topic, and when I got to know about it, I wanted to understand it better because I noticed it was affecting me very much.
During these days Mercury started to retrograding exactly on March 5th and will stop on March 28th ending the post-shadows on April 16th. If you are energetically very sensible as I am, it can be heavy. Now that I understand it better than before I’m looking into it with a fun eye.

What I’m here to share with you is what to do when we experience this phenomenon. It’s time to turn inward. Planets movements and moon phases can affect our behaviors and our routine.

You’ll notice communication may be influenced, you may feel more tired than usual, emails can be messy, travel plan can be changed, contracts not be signed, you can misunderstand things while conversating with others, your relationships can be affected as well. Isn’t that interesting? You could also experience this disturbing energy to carry around or encountering more fights with people than usual.

Do not fall into the trap. Just start to be aware of this planetarian movement and take a breath because communication works oppositely than we expect.

So what to do when Mercury is having fun with us?

During these days all we have to do is turn inward and trust our intuition. Go with the flow. For this newsletter, I thought it was fun play with my Oracle Cards, and during my morning ritual, I have picked three cards for us. I always use this tool especially when I’m stuck and seeking inspiration to move forward.

While we do our inner work during these days, it’s good to have some energetic support where we can find Universal messages that will guide us.

While you chose your card and while you operate during this Mercury phase, give up your expectations of how things will go. Live in a surrender mood, don’t fight back, don’t sign contracts, but instead cultivate your inner peace, do more Yoga if you do it, meditate, do journaling, and only trust the path you are walking in.
Mercury is not our enemy and is not trying to put you in an awkward position. See this as an opportunity to slow down to eventually shift and move forward to a brighter moment of your life.

Are you ready to pick your card? Sit relax close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath. Think about what you are seeking from this moment, and let your heart guide you, not your mind. If you are ready to pick the card, do so and then remember the number you chose. How to get your result? Come here and check it out here: https://360healthforsuccess.com/it/2019/03/how-exciting-are-you-ready-to-discover-the-card-message/

In Good Health!

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