How Exciting!!! Are You ready to discover the Card message?

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When I work with this tool, I tune into the Spiritual moment of it to better absorb all the knowledge and the information I get.

So here the messages:

CARD 1 – Physical Health: Vitality – Strength – Body Image – Balance
Honor the needs of your physical body and learn to love it just as it is. It is the sacred temple of your soul.

Amidst the rapid pace, pressures and different responsibilities of modern life, it can be easy to lose touch with the needs of our physical body. While many of our current life circumstances and even some of our spiritual paths call for the denial of the material, this card is calling us to reconnect and honor our physical needs.
Our physical body is our temple, our chariot, our sacred vessel in this life.

While our mind may be a great architect of visionary possibility, and our heart may have the power to bring great passions to life, our physical body is the medium through which spirit and inspiration is brought into form, and so we must care for it as though it were the most honored guest in our home.

This card is an invitation to reconnect with the wisdom of your body. Re-claim a sense of balance between work, rest and play. Integrate your need for quiet time and solitude with activities and social connection. It’s time to balance the scales.
Bring your love and awareness to your body. Learn to accept your body just as it is, for its unique shape, colors and texture. Look upon your body with compassion and be grateful that you have his living vessel.

Be thankful for the most straightforward action – like your heart beating and keeping you alive. Thank your feet for their constant effort to carry you through your day.
Honor your physical needs for nourishing foods, clean water, deep breath, sunshine, laughter, love, and connection.

Spend time in nature, do exercise in ways that make you feel alive, treat yourself to a massage or a special nurturing meal.
Don’t just survive, live with vitality and drive! Let your physical health radiate and shine. When we are healthy, everything in life seems to fall into place naturally. The rhythms of your body align themselves with the cycles of the natural world. We become in sync with our true nature.
By honoring your physical body, you become a clear vessel for inspiration to move through you, illuminating each step on your path.

CARD 2 – Possessions: Belongings – Finances – Assets – Treasures
Enjoy the pleasure of balanced material life. Cultivate, honor, organize and share!

It is said that we are spiritual beings living in a physical world. Part of living in this world is coming into right relations with the material realm while recognizing the Source of all creation. While we know that money and possessions alone can’t sustain our happiness, we also know that consistent denial of material needs can bring great stress into our lives.
This card is a call for you to cultivate a balanced relationship with the material plane.

Organize your finances, take stock of your possessions. Gain awareness of the balance of money and other physical energy coming into your life daily… and that which is going out. Are the scales of your material world balanced or are they heavily weighted to one side? Perhaps you spend carelessly or have a tendency to gather, hoard and collect that which you do not really need. Or maybe you are denying yourself from claiming or receiving some of the material comforts that truly nurture and support your wellbeing.

It is time to evaluate your possessions. To honor what is precious to you and that which matters the most, and to let go of any unnecessary attachment or hold that particular item may have on you. Consider what items genuinely add value to your life, and which ones are just filling the space or creating clutter – perhaps blocking what you sincerely desire from coming in.
Now it’s the right time for a good spring clean, clearing a space in your life for the inflow of life’s real treasures.

It is not about giving away all of your possessions as they are the expression of who you are. Instead, it is about letting go of the dependency, the strong need to “have” them to feel good, or to define who you are. Give thanks for the cherished possessions that you currently have, and if you have needs for others, welcome them in, giving profound thanks for their forthcoming arrival into your life.
We are temporary visitors to this earthly planet so let go of unnecessary greed for wealth and accumulation of possessions. Instead, celebrate this call to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of balanced material life. Cultivate, honor and share what you have with others.

CARD 3 – Pleasure: Enjoyment – Beauty – Sensuality – Indulgence
By engaging your senses in pure pleasure, you connect with the very essence of life.

Amidst the rapid pace and daily demands of life, taking time to indulge in pure pleasure is rarely included on your to-do list – or it is the first to be removed once we get busy. When was the last time you did something just because it made you feel good? Now is the time to allow your senses to genuinely engage with more of the profound and straightforward of life.

Prepare a special meal and savor each of the flavors and textures. Immerse yourself in the sound of the natural world. Watch children or animals at play – and join them. Pamper yourself or cuddle a loved one. Take the time to walk along the beach or through the trees. If you feel guilty enjoying pleasure for yourself, take a breath and sense where this feeling stems from.
Remind yourself – life is meant to be enjoyed.

If we never allow pleasure, we can become numb and forget how to feel. We become snappy like the crocodile, lashing out from this unfulfilled space within. If we over-indulge, always looking outside of ourselves for something to feed our sensual desires, in time our surface pleasure lose their appeal or can even become unhealthy addictions. Sensations are most pleasurable in balance.

By allowing yourself to engage your senses in things you find pleasurable, you connect with the very first essence of life. Joy and pleasure are fundamental ingredients of a nurtured and fulfilling existence. If we are open, we can discover pure pleasure in all moments of life. Every person deserves pleasure in their life. Give yourself full permission (and, in truth, an ultimatum!) to include the experience of joy in your world.

I hope you enjoyed this article blog as much as I did when I wrote it.
Whatever was the message you got, try to apply it and follow going forward.
Keep in mind Lifestyle is not only about the food you eat, but it’s about the whole. Emotions, Thoughts, Environment, Positivity, Creativity, and more. Are you curious to go deep in the conversation? Meet me HERE.

In Good Health!

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