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Knowing how to manage our emotions is important – Some strategies to do it better.

March 12, 2020, Author: annalisa

It is with great pleasure that I can finally re-open my appointment with my beloved newsletter. At the beginning of January, I started an intensive Yoga training which allowed me to take an International Certification with the Alliance School. Having already an alignment background, thanks to my Iyengar training (still in progress), I now have the opportunity to integrate my Wellness Coaching practice with personalized Yoga lessons that can also be done online !!! 

I’m pleased about it, but I don’t deny that I had difficult moments during these months of intense training. I can’t hide that the idea of ​​giving up everything has passed through my mind multiple times. I had to study and learned advanced sequences of asanas (poses), anatomy, pranayama (breathing), philosophy, and meditation. Every day for about 8 hours a day, including Saturdays, I was in this Yoga studio in Miami, and when I was coming home in the evening, I didn’t even want to prepare dinner. I would have gone straight to bed, no problem.

It was not a simple journey, but now that I have my 200-hour RYT diploma (Registered Yoga Teacher) in my hands and I look at it, I tell myself that it was undoubtedly worth it.

I think that despite the achievement of the goals that I set, I will never stop studying. The knowledge we can acquire in the field of our work or passions never ends.

After the course, I immediately left for Italy, where I still am. I thought I was coming down to visit my family and friends to have moments of enjoyment and relaxation, and I found myself in a vortex of tension.

Fear is undeniable. I can see it in people’s faces. If you turn on the TV, all day long they talk about the virus. We are living in this atmosphere of wonder. I often find myself chatting or talking about how we’ll come out of this challenging period.


Stay focused during this time.

I receive messages from my friends in the States (I love them so much!) that always ask me how I feel, what my intentions are, why I decided to travel anyway.

Well, first of all, I instead prefer staying here with my family at this moment of stress, rather than been miles away without having the change to help them if necessary. Second of all, I don’t let fear interfere anymore with my life. ⠀

The power of fear. ⠀

We all seem to be in a spiral of confusion, panic, and terrorism. I unfortunately also see racism around, and you can easily realize how the power of these feelings is taking over. ⠀

The power of fear lies in the unknown. We don’t quite understand what’s going on, we can’t control it, and that’s where the agitation takes place. ⠀

I am not immune to fears, but I have learned not to let fear take control of me. Now we are influenced by our perception, and consequently, we react. ⠀

I don’t let fear get into my life quickly. I’ve done it on many occasions, and I don’t want to do it anymore. Anxiety is something that automatically arises out of seeking protection.

There are a few things you can do besides the little prevention rules we are following these days.

When fear is there is in a certain sense because it has a protective role, it is not a healthy thing to let into our lives. It triggers chemical reactions in our body by influencing our thoughts.

In these years of studies and work, thanks to Coaching and my Yoga practice, I have learned something that I love very much. In Sanskrit, is called “Ishvara Pranidhana” described in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 1.23. The Practice of Surrender. It is a potent technique for dissolving the endless agitations of the mind. I love it very much, and I find my self often following this system. When it does not make sense of fighting something which is not under our control, it is not worth wasting our energy. I see a lot of people these days struggling, for example, on Facebook, creating tension, confusion about the virus spreading the news that is not even true.


What I am mentioning is the perfect example for me to explain how I have decided for a very long time not to let fear and chaos guide my decisions.

How can we all better coop with stress and fear? Here some bits of advice.


I rely on intuition.

When in doubt, I rely on that inner voice. I am sure that even you chat with it often. That voice is my device, my center, my balance, my connection. Tuning into your inner voice will allow you to not fall in the vortex of chaos and confusion.

It is essential to cultivate the connection with your inner self because it will help you to deal with uncertain moments.

Now that you know how important it is to listen to your inner voice, I will give you some suggestions on how to tune better into that frequency.


1 – Cultivate positivity

We need to learn to wake up in the morning and as the first thing to smile and having a sense of gratitude for what we have. Often what we do is complaining about our problems and letting ourselves be guided by negativity. Pointing the finger at we do NOT have instead of appreciating what we have. Our mind is a force of nature and can be dangerous when we trigger negative thoughts, but it can also be enjoyable when we train it to have a positive attitude towards our days. And what can help us do this? Meditation.
2 – Meditate

I didn’t believe in the power of meditation, but I changed my mind when I saw significant changes in my mind and, consequently, in my body. If you think that daily meditation practice, even for a few minutes a day can regenerate the cells of our brain, I would say that it is worth trying. Meditating not only helps us to get rid of everyday stress, but it also helps us have a positive attitude toward problems.


3 – Connect with a positive attitude.

To fight fear, focus on your bright side. Maintaining a positive attitude and having a meditation practice will raise your positive feelings and put you in a good mood. Our brain and body chemistry know very well how to release the substances of happiness. All of this will help us manage our choices more decisively and confidently.


These fundamental but straightforward techniques can guide you on the right path of action if continuously implemented every day. They will change your life and your well-being. Your awareness will become more sensitive, and you will be able to connect deeply with yourself. Knowing yourself better and trusting what you do and how you manage situations will allow you to grow in the path you want to take in life.


You can use these tips every day, along with my Coaching courses. If you are part of my newsletter, you know already that I can comfortably offer online support, and from today, I want to support you even more with something special !!!

Especially in these difficult and complicated weeks, we must learn to reserve our energies much more than usual.


To reconnect with your inner self, your intuition, learning to keep calm, and to make the appropriate choices, you can choose to have your Free Discovery Session (that was already there). From today you can choose whether to start with a fantastic Session of Guided Meditation where I will help you relax and reconnect with your heart or a Yoga session. If you are not close to me, we can easily do it online via Skype !!


I am so happy to be able to help you and be part of your connection to your real well-being!

I hope with all my heart that you will decide to walk the path of physical-mental-emotional well-being and that you can free yourself from the weight of negative feelings, reconnecting with positive emotions. I hope I have at least inspired you a little with this newsletter, and that it can be the beginning of a journey of discovery.


It’s powerful!

Cheers to your Health


Ps: If you have a friend or family member who could be helped by these newsletters, please forward this e-mail to them or invite them on my website – where they can immediately download my gift “The top 10 mistakes to avoid so you can always feel fabulous! ” and receive my next newsletters.

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