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I believe I have the Power to Live the Life I want!

My name is Annalisa, and I am a Functional Health and Wellness Coach. I help women promoting their inner and outer wellbeing by developing their intuition and awareness with a natural holistic approach. If you are looking to increase or change your lifestyle, you are in the right place. Here in the Specialty Areas, you can explore how I can help you.

I decided to become a Health and Wellness Functional Coach because understanding how to build a mental and physical balance during my years of studying and practicing real life was such a revelation that I immediately wanted to share what is to my knowledge with others. I subsequently increased my personal experience to a professional level through studies in the field and taking courses through which I got my certifications and became a Certified Therapist.

More than ten years ago, I felt that my body was out of sync, and I started to investigate that. What was I doing or not doing to not be in charge of my wellbeing anymore? Was I happy with my life? I had to face the fact that something was off. Not an easy thing to do.

Here is where I started to investigate through pain and growth.

When I felt that something in my system was out of sync, I started to investigate what could have been the reason. I began to listen to my body, and I had that wake-up call. I was feeling sluggish every time, lacking energy, and gain weight suddenly. I felt tired and exhausted, pretty much all the time.
Here is where I started to investigate through the most painful time of my life that would have brought me to my next level of consciousness.

I learned how to establish a deep connection with my body, with my mind and my whole system. I started to realize that my mind was intensely responsible for my feelings and my body reaction. For what reason, my body was responding in specific ways, leaving me with that sense of depression, anxiety, and complete disconnection?

I have been raised in a small community where there was this mentality of sacrificing things. If you want to be happy you have to suffer, or you can’t have it all, or again you have to work hard to achieve just a little. You can’t be smart and beautiful. Nothing was enough, neither I was. Carrying on my shoulders, all those limitations for years was not the easiest thing. When finally, I started to tune into my inner self and listen to what was right for me and not to what others were saying.

I was seeking freedom for my body and my mind, so I started to walk on a beautiful journey of appreciation, self-esteem, without limiting my self anymore to what others thought was right for me. It hasn’t been easy, but it was the time when I realized that I had to rewire my thoughts and my beliefs to experience the lifestyle I wanted.
I was tuning into my awareness and following a simple way to eat fresh and nutritious food, caring for my body and my mind, which conducted me in the right path that is still with me today.

Years of passionate research and studies in Coaching, Nutrition, and optimal performance helped me realize that I had to change things from inside out to feel good.
Working intensely with my inner truth, and my needs brought me out of that unhealthy loop. I studied with phenomenal Coaches and Mentors and still do. I read amazing books, complete certifications, and exams and today I’m here to share everything I’ve learned with the people that cross my path.

Working with a person who helps you find the best version of yourself can change your whole life’s perspective, and I’ll be happy to be by your side, step by step, to guide you into a profound transformation, connecting you with the source of your awareness and making you re-discover your true potential.

Imagine finally waking up every day and feel good, fulfill with joy, without having that sense of deprivation, depleting, sluggishness, and hoping that will be night soon to go back to sleep again. What if I’m here to tell you that there are ways to wake up in the morning feeling great, energetic, and be happy for the new day to spend with enthusiasm?
Then you will be happy to hear that all of it is possible, and I can support you while walking in a beautiful journey of appreciation and gratitude for the beautiful person that you already are! I have learned and still fighting myself with that sometimes that the limits we have, are in our mind, nowhere else. We need to separate from those limitations and create mindful rituals that step by step will help us achieve what we want.

Today I help other women to find the Lifestyle they want, guiding and helping them with specific sessions and holistic approaches. Starting with some awareness of the basic things like having a good relationship with food, knowing what to eat, create healthy habits and enjoying simple things, to then dive deep into the true self, connecting the body-mind-spirit.

Wellness is my philosophy, and I love walking the people who decide to step in this journey with me through what they may are missing. We get to talk about Beliefs and Behaviors and on top of that the Identity Level.
Working with a person who can lead you to discover which one is the best version of yourself can change all your perspective in life, and I will be on your side, step by step to guide you into a profound transformation, connecting you with your inner truth and your beauty.

My weekly online sessions are specifically designed to reach a TRANSFORMATION while working together with reliability and honesty. You won’t ever feel that sense of judgment because it never helps us to achieve our true nature. Instead, we collaborate with compassion acceptance and love because it is what creates a balance in our mind, body, and spirit.

If You are curious to get some info about my sessions, you can check it in the below link. Having Support and Help is something beautiful that can be available to everyone. Don’t feel you have to do everything by yourself. I used to do it, and it was bringing me stress and anxiety. Instead, having someone that you know you can count on can lead you to unbelievable changes. Feel the energy. Feeling good is possible, and it’s your choice.

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How does it work:
Releasing stress is an essential part of achieving optimal well-being, and my weekly sessions are explicitly built to achieve your personal goals. From the use of specific relaxation techniques to meditation, passing through action-sessions and motivational exercises that will increase your awareness and help you take the necessary steps to create your transformation.

There is much more I want to tell you, and it will be a pleasure working with you. You can have a Complimentary Discovery Session where we can talk as if we are in front of a cup of thé, and see if we are a good fit for each other. We can understand better if I can be your support and guide during your transformational journey. It will be fun and easy.

GET YOUR FREE DISCOVERY SESSION and get to know how we can work together:

  • One hour session will be via skype with specific Coaching Techniques
  • A post-session summary with reflections and/or advice

Annalisa Brizzante is a Certified Functional Health and Wellness Coach with the Health Coach Institute (PHC) and accreditation from the Internation Coach Federation (ICF) of high ethical and professional standard. She works to awakening the mind, the body, and the psyche, connecting them to achieve the well-being state.

Born and raised in Italy, after finishing her studies in the Human Science field (pedagogy, psychology, sociology, philosophy) she developed her education in the creativity and the design world. Even though she was a successful Designer for a few years, her nature was calling her back to what was her true love for Health and Wellness. She started to dive deep into more studies, developing researches and re-connecting once again with this beautiful universe. The Wellness and Holistic pathway became her life’s purpose, helping others to achieve their goal of experience and a great lifestyle.

In 2011, she moved from Italy to California. She attended the College in Santa Monica among while she developed other studies in the Holistic areas. She is also Certified to use Natural Holistic Remedies as essential oils, and she has a Reiki Certification. Reiki is what has also helped her as a holistic practice to re-connect with her mind-body-soul.

With her Coaching Certifications and natural remedies, she has developed techniques related to the development of transversal skills, the use of coaching tools, truthful communication, manage the conflicts in relationships, and the use of different holistic methods.

In 2016 she moved to Florida where she continues her online practice developing every day more consciousness and awareness around the beautiful world of women, helping them create a personal growth that can fully express their brilliant light.

She is studying to become a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher. This journey is showing her other beautiful aspects of life. As well, this program is very much related to her job in the health and wellness area. She can study to master not only poses techniques but essential life-changing methods.

Some curiosity 🙂

She is environmentally conscious, animal lover, vegan, and she believes that we all should respect our planet. She is passionate about writing and design, and she loves minimalism and natural aspects of life. She currently collaborates with various non-profit organizations in Italy and Miami Beach.
People who inspired her every day as teachers, professors, and coaches: Mr. BKS Iyengar, Margherita Hack, Franco Berrino, Marc and Angel Coaches, Carey Peters Coach, Stacey Morgenstern Coach, and many others. She loves Freddy Mercury!