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Is your life going according to your plans?

November 12, 2019, Author: annalisa

Very often, we spend most of our time classifying the areas of our life: relationships, careers, money, exercise, health, etc. We need to be aware that if a slice of our “life-cake” is out of balance, all our life may be affected. Imagine, for instance, making tons of money and being in a loving and happy marriage relationship. Still, you don’t have time for yourself or to take care of your body and freedom of mind. Very soon, you will appreciate your money flow, but you will quickly realize that maybe you don’t feel as energetic as you would like during your days. Or you don’t have the ideal weight that makes you feel balanced on a physical and emotional level. This is just an example to invite you to think about one important thing. It is crucial to consider your life as a “holistic” cake and make the decision to put your energy into making each piece of that cake as delicious as possible!  In a book that I love very much is said: “The correct diet (understood as a lifestyle) for the human being must have a holistic approach. This approach will nourish all the areas of our life. Ólos in Greek means totality. Holism is a global way of seeing reality, which considers physical, biological, psychic, linguistic, social, spiritual, and conscientious aspects in a dimension of interconnection and interrelation “. – Twenty-one Days to be reborn, The path that rejuvenates body and mind – by Franco Berrino […]

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Calm your body and your mind: two simple ways to do it!

June 13, 2019, Author: annalisa

Having good quality well-being consists in having a reliable system. Of course, it is essential having a healthy routine around the food we eat, but if when we eat even the healthiest foods, we are stressed on a mental or spiritual level, our body must first face other needs that have certainly nothing to do with assimilating all the necessary nutrients. Instead, it will focus on getting us out of the stressful moment by consuming all the energy that our meals provide us. For instance, our brain does not distinguish whether we are going to be eaten by a hungry lion in the middle of the forest or if we are fighting with our colleague at the office or again if we are having an anxiety attack while stuck in traffic. Our brain perceives a dangerous situation and must save us! How? Using all the possible resources we have inside our body that we assimilate through the food we eat. That is why it is so important having some quick solutions that we can adopt while we are in distress situations. There are several techniques and therapies nowadays that can help us to calm our body and mind. For instance, think about our beloved meditation, one ancient holistic and natural approach that has been used from years all over the world — or maybe going to a therapist, someone who can help us deal with issues we might have in our life. Or again an activity that can help us […]

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INTUITIVE AND MINDFUL EATING – Understanding these two amazing methods could change your life for good.

April 18, 2019, Author: annalisa

I frequently talked about the importance to eat fresh food, and I mentioned how I tend to avoid diet plans instead been more focus on listening to my body needs. Now, of course, if your body tells you to eat french fries and a burger from Mc Donald’s every day, we have missed something here. Understand the principles is necessary, and if you want to review some of them you can find it here: Eating Well – A Simple Guide for Beginners. When we understand the foundation to keep an overall healthy lifestyle, we can dive into a unique concept that I love very much. As a believer that everything is related, having a balance between the mind and the body is crucial. Here is why I love Intuitive and Mindful eating. Let’s get to know a little bit about this beautiful concept so you can experiment it while you’ll have a meal from today. First, what is Health? Health is equilibrium. When we experience balance and harmony in our mind-body-soul, we rich the optimal state of health, free ourselves from diseases which are the disturbance of our wellbeing. When I say that I’m not a big fan of diet-plans (Why Most Diets fail) is because I believe that when you tuned into what your body signals are, and you listen to them, you create your wellbeing. It is crucial knowing how to start building that awareness to reach a lifestyle that makes you feel good. Intuitive eating is extraordinary. Your […]

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Do you feel stuck?

September 25, 2017, Author: annalisa

How many times did you feel stuck? I surely did. It can happen, and it’s fine! When I felt stuck, I was noticing that my feelings weren’t pleasant at all. Some sense of frustration, sadness, anxiety, or incompletion was growing inside of me, and I didn’t feel comfortable with it. How could I change that emotional situation? Changing perspective sometimes can help us. I began to observe those feelings from another perspective, noticing that it was bringing me somehow a relief. Seeing those uncomfortable emotions from an angle of a progressing view instead of a stuckness was finally bringing me out to life again! Since I was opened to fully live intense periods of blocks as a natural part of my life, I started to savor my life as a journey and not as a destination. When do these blocks come? Maybe when not much is going on in our life, or we are trying to change a situation that we don’t like, or when we are not happy with someone or something, and what we usually do is forcing ourselves. Forcing something that doesn’t want to fall in the right direction is not probably the smartest thing to do, because it will bring tiredness and exhaustion. Practice detachment. When I start to let things go with the flow and don’t think much anymore about that thing that is not going anywhere, everything quiets down. There are times where we need to step back and relax. We can’t always control what […]

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Working With a Functional Health and Wellness Coach

April 15, 2017, Author: annalisa

Are you tired of feeling sluggish every day, lacking the necessary energy, or maybe you need to readjust your shot or completely change direction? Do you want a life full of passion, be able to express yourself, have a purpose, discover new things, and be the real you in the world? Do believe you can manifest your ideal life? So you are in the right spot! What is a Functional Health Coach? A Functional Health Coach is a certified person who studied in the Wellness fields that help people to change their lifestyle for good – guiding the persons in need while making the transition from where they are in life to where they want to be in their health journey. The transformation occurs while I help them connecting the mind and the physical body with awareness and in the least stressful way possible by practicing holistic techniques and exercises specifically designed in a safe way. Imagine having the power to change your Health! Optimal Health is much more than a good relationship with food. Even though it’s essential eating well, we have to be aware of other fundamental aspects. For instance, imagine you eat a delicious green apple which is considered healthy, but when you are eating it, you are stressed, sad, or worried. You won’t get the essential nutrients from this food because your system is focused on something else right now. When we consider the whole, we start to get the right perspective about what been Healthy […]

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360 Health For Success – Why did I choose this as a business name?

February 13, 2017, Author: annalisa

Why did I choose the “360 Health For Success” name for my Health Coaching Business? When I first started to think about a name that could fit for me, I was so overwhelmed, but then things began clear out. I was asking for some feedback to my friends and my Coaching Tribe. One person mainly made my thoughts, giving me one valuable feedback, also creating many doubts in me. She made me think even more on the meaning of the business name I was about to choose. She said: “I like your name so much, but if you don’t mind I’d like to show my point of view. When you turn into 360 degrees, you come back exactly where you were, but you completely change when you turn upside down, and you move to 180 degrees. I think that is this the idea of your logo, isn’t it?” At first, when I read the message, I was confused and started to think about what I’m going to do now! I felt that the name I selected was the one that fit me, and I did some research. Get Yourself a Spin! If you look in the dictionary, the meaning of 360 degrees implies “complete – all around” – for instance: “His statement indicates a 360-degree change in his viewpoint”. If you do a complete 360-degree turn, you end up back where you started (360=0) TRUE! So if you want to face a different way, you do a 180. But that […]