Energize & Enlighten


You may already feel okay in your life. But, is okay ‘good enough’ when there’s a more connected you waiting to be set free? This core program is for those already on the path to greater realization. I designed it as a transformative experience that quickly nourishes the total you, aligning, adjusting and merging your lifestyle with unapologetic joy and unbridled confidence.

6-Weeks to Feeling Fabulous

“Amazing” is just around the corner.

Lighter. Happier. And every other “er” you can imagine is just 6 weeks away. That’s 40 days to gain back the you that’s missing, reconnect with your inner power and achieve optimal well-being.

Why 6 weeks, Annalisa? Well, I’ve worked with countless people and this length of time, in conjunction with coaching, has proven to be ideal to begin to feel energized and enlightened.

A wondrous journey

This will be an intoxicating adventure into you. However, change comes with commitment. Over the course 6 weeks, I’ll help you find balance in your body, focus on weight loss (if that’s your goal!), gain personal power, break bad habits and define healthy routines that work best for you.

This program is ideal for those who feel “pretty good” but need to turbocharge or could use a holistic realignment to kick-start their lives!

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