Transform & Transcend


When we give ourselves permission to grow, wondrous things begin to flourish. Yet, many feel that attending to their true selves is in some way selfish. On the contrary, it’s selfless, because only when you’re at your best you can share that inner strength with the world. Mindful. Bountiful. Connected. This 12-week immersion will amplify your senses and augment your powerfully-enduring truths

90-Day Total Self-Transformation

Who do you think you are? Exactly who you want to be..


You’ve heard this term, but what does it mean? It’s an invitation to step out of the dream world that surrounds you and open your eyes to what’s real and meaningful. Humanity sleepwalks through life, readily accepting, collecting and holding on to the negative messages they tell themselves. They live a false narrative to align with other people’s definitions of who they “should be.” They expend tremendous amounts of energy to wear their litany of facades, masks and illusions to buoy a way of life. It’s time to break this habit for good! Become exactly who you want to be; the authentic you, the empathetic you, the happier you, the whole you.

Make the difference today.

This holistic program takes a deep dive into what it means to live your truth, and to create balance of the mind, spirit and emotions. We’ll delve into what’s blocking your momentum, focus on body-health, kindle your inner glow and grow it to a mighty conflagration. We’ll bring lightness and insight; playfulness and intuition; self-love and gratitude to its highest forms. You’ll awake to all the possibilities in your life, summoning stronger relationships without conditions. Confidence will be in every fiber of your being. Health, wellness, and balance will walk by your side. You will master your mind and soothe your soul

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