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Knowing how to manage our emotions is important – Some strategies to do it better.

March 12, 2020, Author: annalisa

It is with great pleasure that I can finally re-open my appointment with my beloved newsletter. At the beginning of January, I started an intensive Yoga training which allowed me to take an International Certification with the Alliance School. Having already an alignment background, thanks to my Iyengar training (still in progress), I now have the opportunity to integrate my Wellness Coaching practice with personalized Yoga lessons that can also be done online !!!  I’m pleased about it, but I don’t deny that I had difficult moments during these months of intense training. I can’t hide that the idea of ​​giving up everything has passed through my mind multiple times. I had to study and learned advanced sequences of asanas (poses), anatomy, pranayama (breathing), philosophy, and meditation. Every day for about 8 hours a day, including Saturdays, I was in this Yoga studio in Miami, and when I was coming home in the evening, I didn’t even want to prepare dinner. I would have gone straight to bed, no problem. It was not a simple journey, but now that I have my 200-hour RYT diploma (Registered Yoga Teacher) in my hands and I look at it, I tell myself that it was undoubtedly worth it. I think that despite the achievement of the goals that I set, I will never stop studying. The knowledge we can acquire in the field of our work or passions never ends. After the course, I immediately left for Italy, where I still am. I thought I […]

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Is your life going according to your plans?

November 12, 2019, Author: annalisa

Very often, we spend most of our time classifying the areas of our life: relationships, careers, money, exercise, health, etc. We need to be aware that if a slice of our “life-cake” is out of balance, all our life may be affected. Imagine, for instance, making tons of money and being in a loving and happy marriage relationship. Still, you don’t have time for yourself or to take care of your body and freedom of mind. Very soon, you will appreciate your money flow, but you will quickly realize that maybe you don’t feel as energetic as you would like during your days. Or you don’t have the ideal weight that makes you feel balanced on a physical and emotional level. This is just an example to invite you to think about one important thing. It is crucial to consider your life as a “holistic” cake and make the decision to put your energy into making each piece of that cake as delicious as possible!  In a book that I love very much is said: “The correct diet (understood as a lifestyle) for the human being must have a holistic approach. This approach will nourish all the areas of our life. Ólos in Greek means totality. Holism is a global way of seeing reality, which considers physical, biological, psychic, linguistic, social, spiritual, and conscientious aspects in a dimension of interconnection and interrelation “. – Twenty-one Days to be reborn, The path that rejuvenates body and mind – by Franco Berrino […]

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Calm your body and your mind: two simple ways to do it!

June 13, 2019, Author: annalisa

Having good quality well-being consists in having a reliable system. Of course, it is essential having a healthy routine around the food we eat, but if when we eat even the healthiest foods, we are stressed on a mental or spiritual level, our body must first face other needs that have certainly nothing to do with assimilating all the necessary nutrients. Instead, it will focus on getting us out of the stressful moment by consuming all the energy that our meals provide us. For instance, our brain does not distinguish whether we are going to be eaten by a hungry lion in the middle of the forest or if we are fighting with our colleague at the office or again if we are having an anxiety attack while stuck in traffic. Our brain perceives a dangerous situation and must save us! How? Using all the possible resources we have inside our body that we assimilate through the food we eat. That is why it is so important having some quick solutions that we can adopt while we are in distress situations. There are several techniques and therapies nowadays that can help us to calm our body and mind. For instance, think about our beloved meditation, one ancient holistic and natural approach that has been used from years all over the world — or maybe going to a therapist, someone who can help us deal with issues we might have in our life. Or again an activity that can help us […]

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7 Tips For Deep, Blissed-out sleep

March 15, 2019, Author: annalisa

Is sleeping a challenging part of your day? It is for sure an essential action to improve if it’s not coming naturally for you. In this article, I want to offer you a sweet pillow and talk about dreamland where we spend around one-third of every day of our lives. But first, why am I even talking about sleep when it’s something our body does naturally? The truth is that sleep is not something that just happens… unless you are a teenager! Even babies need to learn to fall asleep and sleep well. What’s important about getting good sleep? Good sleep is vital for good health. Sleep deprivation can lead to a multitude of health issues: It escalates the hunger hormone called ghrelin, which increases food cravings It escalates the stress hormone called cortisol, which can cause weight gain, diabetes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, depression, osteoporosis, and depressed immunity It causes elevated blood pressure in people with hypertension, which can lead to cardiovascular diseases and stroke Learning how to improve your sleep is not just a luxury – it’s necessary! How do I get better sleep? Follow these 7 tips, and you will feel more rejuvenated and energized than you even knew was possible: 1- Practice regular sleep rhythms by going to bed and waking up around the same time each day. 2- Create a totally quiet and darkness in your bedroom. 3- Avoid caffeine or reduce your intake afternoon as it affects your sleep dramatically. 4- Get regular exposure […]

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How Exciting!!! Are You ready to discover the Card message?

March 8, 2019, Author: annalisa

Let’s see what the Oracle Card you chose says. When I work with this tool, I tune into the Spiritual moment of it to better absorb all the knowledge and the information I get. So here the messages: CARD 1 – Physical Health: Vitality – Strength – Body Image – Balance Honor the needs of your physical body and learn to love it just as it is. It is the sacred temple of your soul. Amidst the rapid pace, pressures and different responsibilities of modern life, it can be easy to lose touch with the needs of our physical body. While many of our current life circumstances and even some of our spiritual paths call for the denial of the material, this card is calling us to reconnect and honor our physical needs. Our physical body is our temple, our chariot, our sacred vessel in this life. While our mind may be a great architect of visionary possibility, and our heart may have the power to bring great passions to life, our physical body is the medium through which spirit and inspiration is brought into form, and so we must care for it as though it were the most honored guest in our home. This card is an invitation to reconnect with the wisdom of your body. Re-claim a sense of balance between work, rest and play. Integrate your need for quiet time and solitude with activities and social connection. It’s time to balance the scales. Bring your love and […]

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Have you heard of Mercury Retrograding?

March 8, 2019, Author: annalisa

Today I want to share with you how to “survive” during these periods of the year. Mercury retrograding is for me a fascinating topic, and when I got to know about it, I wanted to understand it better because I noticed it was affecting me very much. During these days Mercury started to retrograding exactly on March 5th and will stop on March 28th ending the post-shadows on April 16th. If you are energetically very sensible as I am, it can be heavy. Now that I understand it better than before I’m looking into it with a fun eye. What I’m here to share with you is what to do when we experience this phenomenon. It’s time to turn inward. Planets movements and moon phases can affect our behaviors and our routine. You’ll notice communication may be influenced, you may feel more tired than usual, emails can be messy, travel plan can be changed, contracts not be signed, you can misunderstand things while conversating with others, your relationships can be affected as well. Isn’t that interesting? You could also experience this disturbing energy to carry around or encountering more fights with people than usual.  Do not fall into the trap. Just start to be aware of this planetarian movement and take a breath because communication works oppositely than we expect. So what to do when Mercury is having fun with us? During these days all we have to do is turn inward and trust our intuition. Go with the flow. […]

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My best kept for better digestion (look inside!)

July 27, 2018, Author: annalisa

Today I’d like to share with you what is best to do for better digestion. First, why am I talking about having better digestion in the first place? Great question! A lot of people suffer from digestive problems such as gas, bloating, reflux, stomach cramps, diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome or inflammations, and these can severely limit our daily functioning and makes us miserable. Our gastrointestinal tract (IG) acts as our body’s food processor and if it’s blocked, overloaded, polluted with toxins such as food additives, pesticides, preservatives, processed products, it’s going to let you know how it feels by having one of the reactions listed above or even worst illnesses. Our IG tract first breaks down the food by the mechanical process of chewing and then by a multitude of a complicated chemical process that extracts nutrients to feed your system and expel toxins. The best way to ensure that we are helping make it easy for our bodies to digest the food we are eating is to chew A LOT. Doing that the food is mixed well with the digestive juices that we have inside so we can easily digest and better absorbed the substances for optimal nutrition. So what’s the secret to better digestion? CHEWING! Believe it or not, chewing is one of the most important aids to our digestion. It is also one often take for granted. Majority of people swallow the food forgetting to grind the teeth together. Up to 30 times of bite is […]


Discover Your Inner Self. Become a New You. When was the last time you slowed down?

July 20, 2018, Author: annalisa

I love writing my weekly blog, and I missed it while on standby during my month in Italy. Even if I didn’t write, I collected pictures, sensations, emotions about this fantastic time there. It’s inspirational traveling around. Looking at fabulous places while having a chance to think about your life, your journey, why you are here, and what you can share with others it’s a great opportunity. In my last trip I touched base Sardinia and Liguria, and my eyes got to see beautiful landscaping. I tasted delicious local products while enjoying the peace of some of the gorgeous places in the world. Starting from Levanto, visiting Cinque Terre, passing by Portofino, Sanremo, Bordighera, and Montecarlo. Then flew to Arbatax in Sardinia and finally spent sometimes in Villasimius. Traveling is one of the best experience we can have. I used to run all the time, thinking that if I stopped, I would have slowed down, and that was a negative thing to me especially for my business. Eventually, I’ve learned that slowing down is not always wrong. I got to realize one crucial point. Slowing down gave me the change of finding a better balance in my life. Create more space for yourself. The opportunity to go somewhere or take it easy gives you the addition to create more space for yourself. You can find time to enjoy simple things like a walk on the beach, for instance, a dinner with family and friends, a glimpse at sunset, going for […]


My Experience during a 3-Day Juice Cleanse

June 15, 2018, Author: annalisa

The Juice Cleanse Idea crossed your mind at least once? Here I intend to give you a whole idea about it. If your intention, while you are doing a Juice Cleanse, is detox, you are in the right place. A juice fast mainly is drinking the juice from veggies and fruit while you process these goodies in the cold pressed juicer. Here is what I have and it is excellent: Why you decide to Juice Cleanse People who choose to do a Juice Cleanse know what to expect and why they are doing it. Primarily for two reasons: losing weight and detoxify their body. Along with so many other benefits that I will list here below. I have mentioned in another article what happens when you juice the fruit and veggies in term of fibers and nutrients, and you can check it here: Juicing has a lot of Health benefits. This is my personal experience that I’m writing, and for everybody can be different, keep that in mind. My weight when I started my cleanse was almost 106 lb and during my three days cleanse I went down 100 pounds. I didn’t do it to lose weight, so to me, three days resulted in being more than fine. The reason I do the Juice Cleanse is to give my body a hand to detox. Bodies are very good to detox themselves, but sometimes because we live in polluted environments or because we don’t eat clean every day, we take medicines, […]

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Dieting Revelations – Uncountable diets are out there. How to find the perfect for you.

June 1, 2018, Author: annalisa

What diet means to me. D – Do I – I need to E- Eat T-Today ? Living every day with this massive feeling of being hungry but also feeling guilty is not so great right? How many times have we tried diets? All of us at some point in life said: “Monday I’m going to start my diet!”. But how many times did we complete a diet with surprising results? Being committed to eating well and exercise seems simple to think, but not so easy to do it. It is hard. No one likes to be in any restriction, or be forced to do something. By nature, we are creatures of habits! The brutal truth is that most of the diets out there don’t work. Wouldn’t instead be unusual to find a solution that works well for us, and doesn’t feel like such a painful obligation? Statistics are simple. 95% of dieters can’t keep the weight off, and when they gain it back they often gain MORE than they weighed before. Dieting based on researchers and studies can backfire your metabolism and mess up with it in a very harsh way. Everyone deserves to feel good, drops few pounds when necessary, wear the beautiful clothes we want to, feeling fabulous and confident in our skin. If diets don’t work, what does? There are few effective ways to consider when we want to change our lifestyle and especially the way we eat. So here ten important paradigms I’d like to […]