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Have you heard of Mercury Retrograding?

March 8, 2019, Author: annalisa

Today I want to share with you how to “survive” during these periods of the year. Mercury retrograding is for me a fascinating topic, and when I got to know about it, I wanted to understand it better because I noticed it was affecting me very much. During these days Mercury started to retrograding exactly on March 5th and will stop on March 28th ending the post-shadows on April 16th. If you are energetically very sensible as I am, it can be heavy. Now that I understand it better than before I’m looking into it with a fun eye. What I’m here to share with you is what to do when we experience this phenomenon. It’s time to turn inward. Planets movements and moon phases can affect our behaviors and our routine. You’ll notice communication may be influenced, you may feel more tired than usual, emails can be messy, travel plan can be changed, contracts not be signed, you can misunderstand things while conversating with others, your relationships can be affected as well. Isn’t that interesting? You could also experience this disturbing energy to carry around or encountering more fights with people than usual.  Do not fall into the trap. Just start to be aware of this planetarian movement and take a breath because communication works oppositely than we expect. So what to do when Mercury is having fun with us? During these days all we have to do is turn inward and trust our intuition. Go with the flow. […]

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September 10, 2018, Author: annalisa

September has come with all its freshness and positive energy. After the Summer Time where we may have a chance to stretch a little bit and relax in some occasion, the business year has knocked at our doors. I have decided to pause my blog for a little while since I have collected a lot of impressions and opinions, and I need to put my focus on something else for the moment. In these beautiful months ahead I must take a step back from my writing ritual and focus more on some changes that I need to make in my life. I will work on new programs and courses for my online business. I will practice my Iyengar Yoga Training which by now is an essential component of my life and part of further projects as well, and of course, I will continue my Coaching practice to serve others. I will share everything with you. Promise! I’m working with a team of great Professionals, my Designer who is already doing a fantastic job to rebrand my logo and image, a business coach who will help with the structure and the preparation of the online courses, and of course my Yoga mentors who are always there for me to track my progress. In the meantime, I’ll continue sending out emails with exciting content to keep in touch with you all and give you some wellness and lifestyle tips 😉 I’m thrilled to see what it will be. I have exciting plans and […]

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Are you attracting drama in your life?

October 2, 2017, Author: annalisa

Sometimes we are not satisfied with what we have in life, but we need to understand one important thing: You attract what you want! Do you believe it? It has always been fascinating to me understanding how this works. I do believe in energies, and when you learn how to shift those, things can take another direction. It is powerful! While some people enjoy life as it comes, and appreciate all of the things they have, others could have difficulties in accepting life as it is, tending to complicate things. What I observed is that some people may enjoy some DRAMA! Ok, I know drama sometimes can be part of life inevitably, but could we stop attracting it in some situations? More I get to know some personalities and more I understand how they have mastered to attract drama in their life. I’m from Italy and c’mon let’s be honest, we can be so dramatic sometimes. It is such a fascinating and exciting psychological concept understanding why people no matter what, they want something that bothers them, so they don’t get bored. It happened to me many times until I decided that my sanity was more important than spending all my energy in some bizarre “gossipy” situation. How about having some peace of mind while enjoying our days? The thing is that it is not enough! We want action, and for some of us, there is not too much going on. Imagine spending your energy toward something that makes you […]