You won’t just change, you’ll change for the better.

Hi, I’m Annalisa, welcome to my interactive wellness world! I’m a Certified Health Coach and Yoga Teacher, and what I’ve learned during my self-discovery journey is that your full potential is already vibrantly alive within you – I help you create positive change via a holistic approach to your mind, body, and spirit to help you transform from tired, unmotivated, and (often) overweight selves, to eating better and living a balanced, more enriching life.

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Welcome to you.

I’m so pleased that you took this step to discover a better you, nothing could be more important. Imagine a healthy lifestyle full of balanced nutrition and mindfulness, the space to be your authentic self, a purpose-filled existence, and a feeling—finally—that you’re in control! Awake each morning with a lightness of being and gratitude, rather than the cautious, retracted heaviness that has perhaps become your daily companion. When you delve into you, you embark on the most joyous journey possible.

I’m honored to be your guide to a place of complete self-love; and support you in achieving a state of balanced health as you discover your true self.

The secret to well-being, is to begin...

  • Feeling sleepy, irritable, and listless? Easily susceptible to illness? Your body is speaking to you, listen to it! These are signs of imbalance. Cleansing can be an effective way to restore your body to its natural, energized state. But most cleanses are one-size-fits-all solutions and sawdust! My nurturing, gentle cleanse features delicious recipes individually crafted for your body’s unique needs. Reset now

  • You may already feel okay in your life. But, is okay ‘good enough’ when there’s a more connected you waiting to be set free? This core program is for those already on the path to greater realization. I designed it as a transformative experience that quickly nourishes the total you, aligning, adjusting and merging your lifestyle with unapologetic joy and unbridled confidence. Feel fabulous now

  • When we give ourselves permission to grow, wondrous things begin to flourish. Yet, many feel that attending to their true selves is in some way selfish. On the contrary, it’s selfless, because only when you’re the best you can you share that inner strength with world. Mindful. Bountiful. Connected. This 12-week immersion will amplify your senses and augment your powerfully-enduring truths. Transform now

My passion is transforming people’s lives.

As a Certified Functional Health and Wellness Coach/Therapist, yoga teacher and energy worker, I employ natural, holistic remedies to help people embrace their total wellbeing. I form a trusting, caring partnership to unpack what’s stopping them from living their full potential.

Together, we magnify the keen sense of intuition and awareness that inherently lives within everyone. As I say, it doesn’t take a “superpower” to discover more inner and outer balance. It simply takes the desire to make a change—and someone with the empathy and knowledge to help them tap into their boundless potential. Small steps lead to giant leaps forward!

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