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How about Juicing!

January 22, 2018, Author: annalisa

I recently came back to Miami after spending three amazing months in Italy. When I went there, middle of October, it was still sunny an warm, but I was wondering how it could have been spending the time during the winter there. It has been six long years since I didn’t stay in my country during the coldest time, and I was wondering if I could have escaped the flu and bacteria that this season usually generates. Since I changed the food I was eating, and I started to pay more attention in having the quality ones, my body responds so well, and juicing is a huge part of the benefits I get. What I do pretty much every day is drinking my favorite juice which is a mix of oranges, grapefruits, ginger, carrots, celery, green apple, lemon or lime, and grapes. The deliciousness of this potent drink is huge; this is what I call my “Elisir di Lunga Vita” which means “Long Life Elixir.” I believe it’s what saved me from catching a cold and flu while I was there, even if I was strictly in contact sometimes with sick people. How powerful! My health conditions are overall good, and in a healthy person juicing is salutary because the natural sugar contained in the fruit especially, is easy to digest and to assimilate from our body. People who have diabetes though have to be more careful. A wrong diet and crappy food can cause diabetes, so first adjust this […]

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Make your 2018 A Fantastic Year!

January 3, 2018, Author: annalisa

Gyms are already full! Chocolate, candies, and all the yummiest foods possible on the tables of this holidays. Do you feel you ate as there was no tomorrow? Was your mouth still moving and chewing independently? Your brain was not even there anymore, and your belly was about to take off? It is all good! Thank god is done lol! It is so much exciting noticing how we humans connect emotionally with things around us. The holidays are just a good example to describe it. It’s Christmas, and we have beautiful tables all decorated in our homes, warm atmospheres, lights, bottles of wine, colors, all the sparkle is around. The ambient is charming, and we can’t wait to enjoy our time with family and friends, sharing harmony and valuable time. It’s a tradition! Here a little secret for you… I know I should have sent out this email before Christmas, but I let you enjoy the end of the year without overthinking. These are the first new fresh pages of this beautiful long 2018, and we all have the time to set up the best conditions to invest in ourselves and live every single day satisfying our needs. So here is my secret. I usually don’t look at calories, but I do care about quality! Taking care of our health is the first thing we should learn to do in school. It doesn’t mean we have to be in restrictions. Of course, we have to enjoy what we eat, but […]

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Your Beauty Starts From the Inside

November 14, 2017, Author: annalisa

I love when I find Beauty in everything and especially in every person I observe. Everyone is naturally beautiful, and we can be even more when we start to take care of ourselves in the right ways. I clearly can see the difference between a person who misses something from a person who instead carries around the sparkle and the brightness. This person mainly has unique “aura” all around, has a different energy which is almost visible and tangible, and has nothing to do with being aesthetically beautiful. It is something that starts from the inside; it’s something under the surface, more in-depth. Individually, I carefully listen to what my body-mind-soul need and I nourish it through a self-love attitude. How could we share our wellbeing if we first don’t love ourselves? It is the self-love that we carry inside which project a fantastic and positive energy visible from the outside. In many ways, we can take care of ourselves from inside out. Just for a moment think about the food we eat for example. When we think about what we should eat to achieve the right balance and benefits physically and mentally, we have to do so with lightheartedness. What usually instead happens and what we typically have been taught is: when we need to achieve something we have to sacrifice something else. In fact, the most used word that it comes around if we have to eat correctly to own a healthy lifestyle is “DIET.” For some reason when I think about […]

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Nourish your inner child

November 7, 2017, Author: annalisa

Let’s not forget to nourish the child that is in us. While growing and becoming adults, life changes as we do, and we start to have different needs from when we were a child. It can be busy, and it can become complicated. Work, family, tasks, it’s hard to find some time to enjoy things. I have mentioned before the importance of living quality time, where we genuinely enjoy our ourselves in tranquillity, and this makes me think of one more important point. We often forget to listen to our inner child, the one that all of us carries inside since we are young. The characteristics I love the most when I think of a child are the honesty, the innocence, the spontaneity, the curiosity, that is naturally part of being a child. Once we grow up and our character develops, we tend to lose or forget these peculiarities, but to be honest, I’m always grateful when I still find these qualities in people. It’s what I truly love! That’s why in my opinion is essential to nourish such a beautiful qualities, and one way to do so could be remembering how we were when we were young. I remember that every time I look into my niece’s eyes for example, and the way she looks at things is a motivation for me. Just this last weekend we went together to the Luna Park. Nicole wanted to go there at any cost, so I said why not, and it was […]

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360 Health For Success – Why did I choose this as a business name?

February 13, 2017, Author: annalisa

Why did I choose the “360 Health For Success” name for my Health Coaching Business? When I first started to think about a name that could fit for me, I was so overwhelmed, but then things began clear out. I was asking for some feedback to my friends and my Coaching Tribe. One person mainly made my thoughts, giving me one valuable feedback, also creating many doubts in me. She made me think even more on the meaning of the business name I was about to choose. She said: “I like your name so much, but if you don’t mind I’d like to show my point of view. When you turn into 360 degrees, you come back exactly where you were, but you completely change when you turn upside down, and you move to 180 degrees. I think that is this the idea of your logo, isn’t it?” At first, when I read the message, I was confused and started to think about what I’m going to do now! I felt that the name I selected was the one that fit me, and I did some research. Get Yourself a Spin! If you look in the dictionary, the meaning of 360 degrees implies “complete – all around” – for instance: “His statement indicates a 360-degree change in his viewpoint”. If you do a complete 360-degree turn, you end up back where you started (360=0) TRUE! So if you want to face a different way, you do a 180. But that […]