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How Exciting!!! Are You ready to discover the Card message?

March 8, 2019, Author: annalisa

Let’s see what the Oracle Card you chose says. When I work with this tool, I tune into the Spiritual moment of it to better absorb all the knowledge and the information I get. So here the messages: CARD 1 – Physical Health: Vitality – Strength – Body Image – Balance Honor the needs of your physical body and learn to love it just as it is. It is the sacred temple of your soul. Amidst the rapid pace, pressures and different responsibilities of modern life, it can be easy to lose touch with the needs of our physical body. While many of our current life circumstances and even some of our spiritual paths call for the denial of the material, this card is calling us to reconnect and honor our physical needs. Our physical body is our temple, our chariot, our sacred vessel in this life. While our mind may be a great architect of visionary possibility, and our heart may have the power to bring great passions to life, our physical body is the medium through which spirit and inspiration is brought into form, and so we must care for it as though it were the most honored guest in our home. This card is an invitation to reconnect with the wisdom of your body. Re-claim a sense of balance between work, rest and play. Integrate your need for quiet time and solitude with activities and social connection. It’s time to balance the scales. Bring your love and […]

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What is about Mother’s Day

May 11, 2018, Author: annalisa

I’d love to cheers to all the great mothers and women out there. I want to dedicate my weekly newsletter to all the mothers and women! We celebrate Mother’s Day in many countries around the globe. It’s a significant event that we honor. Today probably is more of a commercial occasion that sells experiences and merchandise, but let’s not forget about the importance of our moms and women around us. When I think about my mom, I see strength, courage, determination, and overall honesty! Still today she is my pillar, and she always will be. I have learned over the years to appreciate everything she has done for me. All the energy she put into our family to raise my brother and me without never fall. Especially today that I’m an adult I can understand the effort she put into it. I had never seen her tired or complain. As an adult now I realized the efforts that take to raise a family and try to hold everything else together. A Mother by definition is a woman in relation to her child or children. A person who brings up a child with care and affection or give birth to a child, but I’m convinced that is more than that. A mother is a person who is loving and caring, who is great to another human being, animal, nature, even though she hadn’t the possibility to give birth to her child. My life is surrounded by incredible women who for choice […]

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Are you getting enough proteins through your day?

February 16, 2018, Author: annalisa

Recently I had my blood exams done. I do a complete checkup usually every 6-8 months to see if everything is all right or I need to work on something. The last ones came up pretty good, and I just needed to adjust my proteins slightly. But first, what are proteins? Proteins are large, complex molecules that play many critical roles in the body. They do most of the work in cells, and we all need them for the structure, function, and regulation of the body’s tissues and organs. Proteins are made up of hundreds or thousands of smaller units called amino acids, which are attached in long chains. Twenty different types of amino acids can be combined to make a protein. The sequence of amino acids determines each protein’s unique 3-dimensional structure and its specific function. (U.S. National Library of Medicine) Why do we need these Nutrients in our everyday routine? First of all, they are vital to our body’s functioning and keep our muscles healthy and robust. How many times have you heard that proteins make us healthy? It is true! Just think that there is not one cell in our body that don’t require proteins. All our cells and organs, as also our muscles, connective tissues, and bones are held together thanks to the protein as a fundamental component. Regulatory hormones as insulin are also protein, and structural, immunoproteins, transport proteins or again enzymes, they all are necessary to maintain our body healthy. How much protein do […]

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Make your 2018 A Fantastic Year!

January 3, 2018, Author: annalisa

Gyms are already full! Chocolate, candies, and all the yummiest foods possible on the tables of this holidays. Do you feel you ate as there was no tomorrow? Was your mouth still moving and chewing independently? Your brain was not even there anymore, and your belly was about to take off? It is all good! Thank god is done lol! It is so much exciting noticing how we humans connect emotionally with things around us. The holidays are just a good example to describe it. It’s Christmas, and we have beautiful tables all decorated in our homes, warm atmospheres, lights, bottles of wine, colors, all the sparkle is around. The ambient is charming, and we can’t wait to enjoy our time with family and friends, sharing harmony and valuable time. It’s a tradition! Here a little secret for you… I know I should have sent out this email before Christmas, but I let you enjoy the end of the year without overthinking. These are the first new fresh pages of this beautiful long 2018, and we all have the time to set up the best conditions to invest in ourselves and live every single day satisfying our needs. So here is my secret. I usually don’t look at calories, but I do care about quality! Taking care of our health is the first thing we should learn to do in school. It doesn’t mean we have to be in restrictions. Of course, we have to enjoy what we eat, but […]

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Living Naturally

December 13, 2017, Author: annalisa

During one of the meaningful experiences in my life, which has been a Transformation that conducted me living a Healthy Lifestyle, I have had many opportunities to study with amazing teachers and met interesting people. In one of the courses I have done, I could get certified in the use of natural remedies and therapies, which also brought a fantastic upgrade to my practice. As a Functional Health and Wellness Coach, the priority to me is helping people reach their wellbeing using the most natural methods possible. All the things I have learned during this course are exceptional notions that I can share today. Some ideas Since I dedicated myself to my work in the wellness field many years ago, I discovered the use of some incredible holistic practices, such as yoga, acupressure, acupuncture, but thanks to this incredible course, I was able to understand new holistic methods to integrate in my practice. There are countless ways to deal with natural life. Probably the most popular that everyone in the world has done is to drink herbal tea. There are so many of those that can help us on a daily basis. Having a little garden with some herbs on your terrace is just an inspiration. You can keep the plants and work with those to make useful homemade solutions. Pure essential oils to use it in your kitchen or for your health is just another idea. From skin care products to hair products, herbal beverages, or to add a […]

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The Pleasure Of Reaching Goals In Life

November 24, 2017, Author: annalisa

When I start to write my new article usually is because something that happened or is happening in my life is an inspiration to me. Putting my hands on my keyboard is also a way to think about what is my current situation and make some considerations for myself. These days my attention is on the importance of define some goals and do not take the eyes off that goal until we don’t reach it. There is a particular pleasure when we achieve something we have set ourselves. It gives us joy. Having a Goal is important, and we have to be determined and accountable to get there. Being constant gives us the chance to go where we need to go. It could be any goal; everyone has different needs in life. It could be a business goal, something relative to the family, a relationship, a health goal, simply an outcome that is important to us, and if we are going to be successful on that, it will give us that fantastic sensation to have reach the peak. Having clear in mind what we want is essential. Not what other people want for us. It’s a crucial step and not always easy to do because sometimes we are conditioned by external events. But still, we have to try and stay focused on what we need in order to feel good. I used to be the person who was doing many things at the same time, and the result was not […]

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Your Beauty Starts From the Inside

November 14, 2017, Author: annalisa

I love when I find Beauty in everything and especially in every person I observe. Everyone is naturally beautiful, and we can be even more when we start to take care of ourselves in the right ways. I clearly can see the difference between a person who misses something from a person who instead carries around the sparkle and the brightness. This person mainly has unique “aura” all around, has a different energy which is almost visible and tangible, and has nothing to do with being aesthetically beautiful. It is something that starts from the inside; it’s something under the surface, more in-depth. Individually, I carefully listen to what my body-mind-soul need and I nourish it through a self-love attitude. How could we share our wellbeing if we first don’t love ourselves? It is the self-love that we carry inside which project a fantastic and positive energy visible from the outside. In many ways, we can take care of ourselves from inside out. Just for a moment think about the food we eat for example. When we think about what we should eat to achieve the right balance and benefits physically and mentally, we have to do so with lightheartedness. What usually instead happens and what we typically have been taught is: when we need to achieve something we have to sacrifice something else. In fact, the most used word that it comes around if we have to eat correctly to own a healthy lifestyle is “DIET.” For some reason when I think about […]

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Nourish your inner child

November 7, 2017, Author: annalisa

Let’s not forget to nourish the child that is in us. While growing and becoming adults, life changes as we do, and we start to have different needs from when we were a child. It can be busy, and it can become complicated. Work, family, tasks, it’s hard to find some time to enjoy things. I have mentioned before the importance of living quality time, where we genuinely enjoy our ourselves in tranquillity, and this makes me think of one more important point. We often forget to listen to our inner child, the one that all of us carries inside since we are young. The characteristics I love the most when I think of a child are the honesty, the innocence, the spontaneity, the curiosity, that is naturally part of being a child. Once we grow up and our character develops, we tend to lose or forget these peculiarities, but to be honest, I’m always grateful when I still find these qualities in people. It’s what I truly love! That’s why in my opinion is essential to nourish such a beautiful qualities, and one way to do so could be remembering how we were when we were young. I remember that every time I look into my niece’s eyes for example, and the way she looks at things is a motivation for me. Just this last weekend we went together to the Luna Park. Nicole wanted to go there at any cost, so I said why not, and it was […]

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The importance of being in contact with Mother Nature

October 31, 2017, Author: annalisa

“And into the Forest, I go to lose my mind and find my soul” Isn’t this a great quote? I love it. It’s an unknown Author, but it truly resonates with me. I love to do it because it brings me clarity and inspiration. Reconnecting with Mother Nature to me is also reconnecting with my roots, with the inner self. Theodore Roszak said, “When you ask people who are heavily stressed to imagine a relaxing scene, no one envisions a freeway or shopping mall. Instead, they always imaged the deserts, the forests, the sea, and the starry skies.” The need we have to be in contact with Nature is inside our genes. Edward O. Wilson, an American biologist, says that inside every one of us, there is an innate love for Nature, a sense of connection with the environment. Our ancestors lived for millions of years maintaining close contact with Nature, and respecting its rhythms: it’s not possible that a few thousand years, in evolutionary terms, a short period – would be enough to delete such a deeply rooted experience. ” Here is why I feel to share with you the benefits you can get from Nature, and all the holistic experiences available to us. When we live in harmony with ourselves and the universe that surrounds us, we can benefit from that and find our inner peace. I often mentioned how powerful is leaving a simple life, and how beneficial it is to enjoy natural things in terms of […]

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Do you feel stuck?

September 25, 2017, Author: annalisa

How many times did you feel stuck? I surely did. It can happen, and it’s fine! When I felt stuck, I was noticing that my feelings weren’t pleasant at all. Some sense of frustration, sadness, anxiety, or incompletion was growing inside of me, and I didn’t feel comfortable with it. How could I change that emotional situation? Changing perspective sometimes can help us. I began to observe those feelings from another perspective, noticing that it was bringing me somehow a relief. Seeing those uncomfortable emotions from an angle of a progressing view instead of a stuckness was finally bringing me out to life again! Since I was opened to fully live intense periods of blocks as a natural part of my life, I started to savor my life as a journey and not as a destination. When do these blocks come? Maybe when not much is going on in our life, or we are trying to change a situation that we don’t like, or when we are not happy with someone or something, and what we usually do is forcing ourselves. Forcing something that doesn’t want to fall in the right direction is not probably the smartest thing to do, because it will bring tiredness and exhaustion. Practice detachment. When I start to let things go with the flow and don’t think much anymore about that thing that is not going anywhere, everything quiets down. There are times where we need to step back and relax. We can’t always control what […]