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Do you feel stuck?

September 25, 2017, Author: annalisa

How many times did you feel stuck? I surely did. It can happen, and it’s fine!

When I felt stuck, I was noticing that my feelings weren’t pleasant at all. Some sense of frustration, sadness, anxiety, or incompletion was growing inside of me, and I didn’t feel comfortable with it. How could I change that emotional situation?

Changing perspective sometimes can help us.

I began to observe those feelings from another perspective, noticing that it was bringing me somehow a relief. Seeing those uncomfortable emotions from an angle of a progressing view instead of a stuckness was finally bringing me out to life again!

Since I was opened to fully live intense periods of blocks as a natural part of my life, I started to savor my life as a journey and not as a destination.
When do these blocks come? Maybe when not much is going on in our life, or we are trying to change a situation that we don’t like, or when we are not happy with someone or something, and what we usually do is forcing ourselves.

Forcing something that doesn’t want to fall in the right direction is not probably the smartest thing to do, because it will bring tiredness and exhaustion.

Practice detachment.

When I start to let things go with the flow and don’t think much anymore about that thing that is not going anywhere, everything quiets down. There are times where we need to step back and relax.
We can’t always control what happened in our lives, but we can have our eyes wide open and stop for a second, which will help us to see opportunities.

Enjoy things you love the most.

When you feel stuck, you can do something else that will help you finding peace and relaxation.

You may feel stuck in some area of your life, or even more than one, but the truth is that you are not tight! So move around, and do things you enjoy, it will help you find clarity and even inspiration. Read that book that is in your shelve for a long time, and you always wanted to open. Go for a walk, watch a movie, go for a bike ride, do a Yoga session, have a gentle massage. Dress well and go out, or you can call an old friend you haven’t talked with for a long time.

When I feel stuck, I love to write. It makes me feel released, and it’s a way to decompress.

With time I’m learning to change the way I approach things, and I have awakened my awareness listening more to my body-mind-soul system and what has to communicate to me.

Sometimes we have to relax and let the things be! It’s going to pass, so don’t put much pressure on you. We all have to do our best with what we have available in this very present moment!

Breathe into the tightness.

I know you may not see it as an opportunity now, but it may be the time that will open new doorways. Take the chance of being stuck to study more, learn new things, and grow or simply let the moment pass and watch it as a spectator going with the flow and trusting your life. Maintain a positive attitude and listen to the inner voice you have, which is telling you right now that everything will pass, and it will be just fine.

PS: I’ll tell you a little secret. When you relax, and you start to enjoy your “stuckness,” you will release all the tensions. Your mind is such a powerful tool, make it as your friend never as your enemy.

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