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Working With a Functional Health and Wellness Coach

April 15, 2017, Author: annalisa

Are you tired of feeling sluggish every day, lacking the necessary energy, or maybe you need to readjust your shot or completely change direction? Do you want a life full of passion, be able to express yourself, have a purpose, discover new things, and be the real you in the world? Do believe you can manifest your ideal life? So you are in the right spot!

What is a Functional Health Coach?

A Functional Health Coach is a certified person who studied in the Wellness fields that help people to change their lifestyle for good – guiding the persons in need while making the transition from where they are in life to where they want to be in their health journey. The transformation occurs while I help them connecting the mind and the physical body with awareness and in the least stressful way possible by practicing holistic techniques and exercises specifically designed in a safe way.

Imagine having the power to change your Health!

Optimal Health is much more than a good relationship with food. Even though it’s essential eating well, we have to be aware of other fundamental aspects.

For instance, imagine you eat a delicious green apple which is considered healthy, but when you are eating it, you are stressed, sad, or worried. You won’t get the essential nutrients from this food because your system is focused on something else right now.

When we consider the whole, we start to get the right perspective about what been Healthy means.

Let’s go deeper into this fascinating concept.

Thoughts – Relaxation – Awareness – Nourishment – Spirituality – Feelings – Organic – Revolution – Movement – Acceptance – Trust – Intuition – Observation – Now!

To activate a transformation and feel good every day, these above are the essential elements to consider. Be constantly aware of all these components in your daily life, and you will build the lifestyle that suits you. Yes, because I think a great lifestyle is like a dress that you have to wear every day and feel comfortable in it. We are all different, and we have to consider this relevant aspect that what may suit me it may not suits you. That is why I love working with the individual to find what is the best dress for its unique spirit.


What I’m going to do now?

Now that you are aware of these essential notions ask yourself: are you aligned with all of it? Are you informed enough and in touch with your “whole” to understand what requires your attention? If the answer is No, then start to re-direct your attention to the significant aspects that need adjustments or a change. Here you can find a pdf which will help you to create this awareness. DOWNLOAD THE WHEEL OF LIFE HERE

Come to look with your eyes and have the experience of what means getting in touch with your true essence. Get your FREE CONSULTATION with me and discover what is stopping you or slowing you down from having the life you came here to live.

I will help you create the necessary consciousness, and learn how to rewire your thoughts to live your everyday life purposely.

Much Love!


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