What the word “Diet” makes you think?

When I think about diet plans, suddenly one word comes into my mind: restriction. With that also develops a feeling of frustrations, overwhelming, nervousness, resistance, revolution. Diet makes me think about all those sensations that don’t make me feel relaxed and calm.

So many diet plans are out there.

For instance, Paleo, Mediterranean, Raw, Dukan, Blood Type, Atkins, Ketogenic, Zone, etc.
It can be crazy confusing to chose the best. Let me explain. Would you go on a road trip to an unknown destination without getting to understand what to expect? Without knowing what dresses you have to bring, if it’s hot or freezing, what is going to be the weather, where you can eat or sleep, and not be in starvation for days, or have a map to follow? Maybe you are more adventurous than me, but the point is not knowing what to expect and especially having the doubt of not getting to your goals can result in frustration and sadness.

What I have seen happening a lot is when people get into the path of dieting, they may start getting some results and stick with that plan for a little period. Next, it will be inevitable the “fall off of the track.” For example, if the goal you got in mind was to losing weight, you will end up gaining even more weight than before including a sense of failure.

There is a little secret I want to share with you.

Not an adequate diet is out there that can stay with you for the rest of your life. As we tend to stereotype everything, we also catalog diet plans, but if we think more deeply into this concept, we can realize that every each one of us is designed so differently and has such different needs that one diet can’t be beneficial to all of us.

You may think, that’s why there are so many diets, one can indeed suit me. It could for limited days, but technically and humanely we are not designed to stick into hard plans for an extended period. We will experience that sense of lacking something. Another fundamental thing we have to consider is that we are always in evolution. We are different than who we were two, five, or ten years ago with different needs. Our body, mind, and system change continuously.

There is good news!

You can find your way to your best Lifestyle. It’s easier than what you think!
Listening to what your body tells you, it will bring you so much consciousness to relay on while you discover what the best way to eat for you is.
Learning this process may become natural when you dedicate time and research. Though if you don’t feel that you have the strength, that dedication or the knowledge to do it, here is when it comes to professional help.

Having a Coach will help you build that awareness and knowledge so you will gain the stability that will serve you in your daily routine for good.
You create the possibility and the understanding of choosing what works best for your body-mind-soul.

Feeling amazing every day is possible.

You can have your best Lifestyle without that feeling of frustration and disappointment. Instead of dieting, you have to learn what makes your body happy, healthy and energize Vs. what makes you feel sluggish, bloated, and with no energy at all. Especially if you are looking to lose weight and gain stamina you need to pay attention to which food and lifestyle are best for you.

I have studied hard and did hundreds of researches my self and let me tell you, is not easy. It takes so much effort to have enough knowledge and get to the point where you can live a Healthy life without feeling trapped or dissatisfied. Owning the right information while choosing the proper products to make a healthy dish, or studying the ingredient’s label until you know what is right and what is not for your system it is a lot of work.
I chose this as a profession but is not everybody desire. It’s a long process and can take years before you find what is suitable for you, but luckily you can trust and work with a professional figure who can lead you and help you to make the best choice regarding your healthy routine.

Today I want to share with you my choice.

There are many options to pick from when you have specific goals in mind. For example, I’ve seen how fasting (https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/what-is-intermittent-fasting#section1) and ketogenic diet (https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/ketogenic-diet-101#types) can be helpful if you need to lose weight, but if you are not a fan of extreme solutions like me, you can take it more accessible than that. Being mindful and having someone who supports you while you are changing your Lifestyle is essential. With time and dedication, the solution will come naturally. Natural ways are always the best options instead of forcing yourself into brutal military plans.

When I started to get passionate about what became my profession as a Health and Wellness Coach and during my studies to get all my certifications done, I have experiment many different dietary plans and products my self. Until a while ago when I have realized that there is nothing better for me than a Plant-Based Nutritional routine.

A plant-based food minimizes or eliminate animal products from the menu, and get all the nutrients needed from whole plant foods. Mainly you will eat vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds. You can be creative and use a variety of products that you maybe even know they existed.

Here some benefits:

– protecting cells from damage
– reduce the risk of cancer
– lower the risk of heart disease
– lower the risk of diabetes
– treating hypertension and blood pressure
– reverse chronical illness (ex. coronary artery disease)
– aid weight loss

There is such a fascinating world when you start to understand the power of food.

Mine wants to be just an example, but imagine to have the freedom to chose the foods that are more suitable for you and make you feel rejuvenating and energized even if you think you have tried everything.

There is always a solution, and it can come easy with a little support. Choosing the path of a natural and holistic approach is the best decision you can make for your self.

Having the right accountability will give you the strength to go far with your best journey where you can live happily and healthy with no restrictions or diets. Create the opportunity for your self is a tremendous gift you can have today!

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In good health

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