Whatever you are thinking, think bigger!

This morning I was walking my dog as I do every day, and I’m checking things around.

I like to do so, and I’m looking at people, trees, smiles, other dogs, and been just aware of what is happening in this world.
While I was picking up my dog’s sh** I saw this little bug, upside down moving and roasting under the hot sun, trying to help itself and go back to his life. Is the very moment when I realized a simple thing. I had two choices. Leaving the bug helpless to die or take a little sprig and turn the bug back on its little feet.

I know I know.. Most of the people wouldn’t even realize it, or worse they would have just let it die or step on it. At the end of the day, it is just a bug!


What if everyone in this society could realize one thing. You are bigger than you think you are and you have the power to change things!
What if every person could realize that. Even one small action matter!
Smile to a person who passes by you, one “hello” to say “Hei! I see you, I know you are here, I recognize you as a human being!”
Immagine if you could be that person who starts to do things in the right way, who do not ignore situations. You are bigger than you think! You can make a difference!
I have done major work on my self in the past years, sometimes trying to figure out where I am and why I’m in this exact position today.
Do I need to be here? Did I need to struggle all the uncountable times I strived?

Why I am here today!

I feel there is a battle inside myself sometimes, contrasting emotions and sensations. It’s very hard to control everything and understand the reason behind all of it. Why am I here right now, at this very present moment?
I think one purpose in my existence is to make a difference or at least trying.

Be good and be helpful every day no matter what. Do simple nice actions, keep the door open for the person behind you, help someone who is struggling even if you are struggling yourself, do a pure and kind action a day. Spread and share some love that you may have even deep inside. Be kind to people around you, be respectful of animals and the environment. Your world is the place you are living now. It’s not just your home, it’s not just your garden, not your car, not just your kids, your dog. It is this place called Earth, it is this society, it’s the people around you. Be an inspiration to others, and drag them into your circle of love and kindness.
You have the power to do it, so be powerful! It’s about creating something significant, bigger than yourself and share it with the world!

With Love


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